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A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will is required to become a great chess player.

bobby fischer

Chess players are masters of strategic thinking, and are trained to think several moves ahead. It requires intense focus, discipline, critical thinking and determination. We believe these qualities go hand-in-hand with academic success, and serve to give students the mental edge needed to compete in high school and college. We also believe the game of chess serves to increase the attention span.

Our students will begin with fundamental concepts, learning how each piece moves, how many points they are worth, and how to achieve a checkmate. As students are conditioned to think several steps ahead, they will also learn more advanced offensive and defensive strategies. Students will practice for one hour every day, all year around, until they are able to compete on an advanced level.

Chess Tournaments

There will be opportunities to compete in chess tournaments held in school and around the city. Our goal is produce some of the best chess players in the state, and perhaps nationally.