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The Method

PODER Academy offers a rich, standards driven curriculum, with an emphasis on the core areas of reading, writing, and math in every grade. The staff will work to ensure that students have the reading fluency, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills needed to move on to the upper grades, and that students have strong mathematic reasoning and problem-solving skills in all strands by the third grade. The school incorporates teaching strategies that support intellectual growth, connectivity to the wider world, and productive classroom environments.

PODER is one of the few to offer an extended day program where students are dismissed at 4:00pm, and where tutoring then takes place until 5:00pm. The extra hour each day provides for more instructional time over the course of an academic year, and also provides a structured environment for students between the hours of 3:00pm to 5:00pm, which is a common window of unsupervised time for kids with working parents. 

Within the school, there is a consistent and unrelenting focus on everything from student posture, to classwork completeness, to professionalism, all with the goal of preparing students for the professional mindset. Every aspect of the day is well structured in order to maximize efficiency, and teachers and staff are trained to ‘sweat the small stuff’ in order to rectify any disruptive behavior at its root. 

Students as young as kindergarten age will learn how to maintain good study habits, manage their time, and recognize the appropriate time and place for certain behavior in the belief that a well-structured school culture goes hand-in-hand with academic success. The underlying goal is to limit distractions so teachers and students can focus on academics and preparing for the road to college.